Cyber Threat Intelligence Notebook

Manage your Threat Intelligence lifecycle through with intelligence requirements, reporting and stakeholder management.


Intelligence Requirements

The first and most crucial step of the threat intel lifecycle. Generate requirements for your intelligence work through our intel requirement wizard which asks relevant questions to get you started.


Intelligence Reports

Requirements in hand, start drafting intelligence reports to satisfy the gaps posed by your requirements.


Manage your Consumers

Consumers ingest your intelligence reports and are your stakeholders for your intelligence requirements. Keep on track with deliverables and managing their requirements with our consumer management section.


Indicator Management

While managing indicators isn't our sweet spot, we automatically extract them from your reports and enrich them with valuable context, allowing you to quickly and easily examine IOC's and share them with others.

We integrate with various 3rd party services to give you context.

Get IP geolocation and owner information from one of the best IP lookups out there.

Get valuable context around vulnerabilities to make more informed decisions

Is it noise or a legitimate attacker? Find out with Greynoise

Use the power of the community with AlienVault OTX to get context

Get information about hashes, IP's, domains, and more

Share and enrich your reports with MISP

And many more!

Notebook on Steroids

In addition to automatically enriching your indicators in reports, we offer so much more!


Robust API

Use our API to get indicator and report details to ingest or export into your other tools


Searching Capability

Search through Intelligence Requirements and Reports for keyword matches to speed up your investigations


Stay Updated

Use our comments system to update stakeholders or analysts about Requirements, Reports or Indicators

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